Children's voices: Exploring interethnic violence and children's rights in the school environment (2011-2012)

The project “Children’s Voices” is dedicated to an integrated research of violence experienced by children and youth in primary and secondary schools based on their linguistic, religious, cultural and/or racial affiliation. The broad definition of violence adopted in the project includes a variety of forms of violence, including interpersonal or peer violence (physical, psychological, symbolic) as well as institutional violence as reflected in the existing legislation and school regulations, among others. The general objectives of the project are:a) research of the extent and nature of interethnic violence, b) exposure of inadequacies found in the legislation and school and other regulations in the field of children’s rights (cultural, linguistic, religious etc.), c) sensibilization of the public and raising of the awareness in relation to the existence of interethnic violence, d) development of professional foundations aiming at more efficient confrontation with and prevention of violence based on ethnic affiliation in the school environment.“Children’s Voices” is an international project carried out at the same time in five states, which are Slovenia, Italy, Austria, England, and Cyprus and it is co-founded by the European Union's Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.


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