Leadership opportunity at the United Nations, World Bank, US Congress, etc. for students of University of Trieste

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International Young Leaders Assembly
Moral and Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service, and Entrepreneurship
                                              AUG 8 - 17, 2016
                     Washington D.C. – Philadelphia  – New York City

                                      Program Venues (partial list):
                    United Nations General Assembly Hall, World Bank
                               US Congress, US State Department
                      National Constitution Center, Leading Think Tanks
                          Embassies, Organization of American States

                   UN Keynote Speaker: Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
·  Engage with globally significant institutions and leaders
·  Build lasting friendships and a powerful leadership network
·  Impact your community, nation and world as an IYLA Global Ambassador

                                      Apply at www.iyla.info
                Please use the code “111222” for preferential consideration.

IYLA is a premier partnership-driven leadership development initiative that empowers promising young leaders to positively impact communities, nations and the world. Emphasizing the importance of vision, service and entrepreneurship as the foundation of moral and innovative leadership, the IYLA hosts student leaders and young professionals for interactive programs with globally significant leaders and institutions. Delegates acquire first-hand experience in leadership, join a lasting global leadership network and build a platform to tackle current critical issues.

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